EDTA Max (2oz)

$35.00 $40.00

NOTE: Approval required. Sold by prescription only. Physician must fax or email prescription before shipment can be filled. EDTA Max is the only product on the market to provide a full 3g of EDTA per 2oz bottle in the form of magnesium and sodium EDTA.* Ethylene diamine tetracetic acid (EDTA) is extensively used to remove toxic & heavy metals from the body and also for Cardiovascular benefits.* EDTA is usually administered intravenously and takes 2-3 hours per administration.* One series of treatment consists of 10-30 administrations with 1-3 g of EDTA each.* It is well known that oral administration of EDTA is very inefficient in that only 5 % of EDTA passes into the blood stream.* In addition, larger than 500 mg doses, taken orally, result in instant diarrhea.* When EDTA is encapsulated in EPL liposomes even doses as high as 3 g per oral administration do not produce diarrhea and over 90 % of the EDTA passes into the blood stream.*

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